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My heart is aching

I hate the word


It ruins lives

It takes people away

I can’t stop crying

I can’t stop thingking

What if everything goes wrong?

What if the medication doesn’t work

Or isn’t effective enough

What if my grandfather dies?



My heart is aching

And I can’t stop crying

Night and day

Lying awake

for I cannot sleep

Can’t stop thinking

For I don’t want to lose



My grandfather



The sweetest person in the world

He promised to get better

To dance with me on my wedding day

One day

When I’d be lucky to get married

I miss him so much

And I don’t want him to be in pain

I don’t want him to be ill at all

I want him to get better


I hate it

If it was a person I’d kill it

For it makes many lives miserable

It ruins the lives of many people

Whose hearts are all aching

Just as mine