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Everyone knows
Life is not like a fairytale
Every fairytale
Has a beginning
And an end
But our story
Will never end
Even death
Cannot part us
I will love you
For as long as you and I
Both shall live
And in my heart
You’ll live for ever
In my dreams
We’ll always be together
And if I have to go first
I’ll wait for you
For ever if I’d have to
And together
We’ll live
Happily ever after
Like in a fairytale
And even much better


It’s not a poem

I’m confused
I have planned my future
So well
First live together
And get a great job
Then get married
And have children
But since we live together
It seems like
Your love has changed
It seems like
You love me less
Even though we now have
What we’ve been looking forward to
I know you’ve got less time to spend
With me
Even though we’re together every day
But is a little love too much too ask?
Or must even a kiss become just a daily routine?
How do I know you still love me
Like in the very beginning of our relationship?
I don’t want to ask

I miss you
Maybe that’s it
I miss you