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Happy Thoughts

I know you’re hurting

But in time

A day will come

When the hurting stops

You’ve forgotten me

It’ll be like

You never met me

And you’ll be happy

That’s what I want

For you to be happy

Without me



To not know what you have until it’s gone

It doesn’t have to be gone to know what you’ve got,

You just have to realize how much it means to you

Which you almost always do when it’s gone

Or when it’s too late and you’ve made the mistake to let it go

There’s a place that people dream about when they’re missing someone

There they can meet that person once again

Be reunited

All is well and all is fair

Some call it heaven,

I call it the best place you can find on earth

For it is whatever you want it to be

And you can do whatever you want to do

The important thing is that you’re there with the person you care about

That you’re together


Time flies

As it goes by

Faster and faster

Until you can’t keep track

Of time


And while

Hours go by

Days go by

Weeks go by

You’re the one

Who keeps me safe

You’re the one

Who comforts me

And lets me know that

Even though everything

Is moving so fast

Around us

We can stop time


For us

For those moments

Are for ever

And everything

Will be alright

Because we’ve got


Because we love


For ever