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When I grow up!

When I was little
I’d say
When I grow up
I want to be a mermaid!

I had a little book
That told me all about it
And I loved swimming
I was convinced that
I could swim just like
A mermaid

I felt so young
And free
When I was in the water
All my little problems
Floated away

But now I’m all grown up
I know mermaids don’t exist
And my feelings about
Swimming have changed
How I wish I could escape
I wish I could be young
And foolish again
Forget all my problems
And act like a little child
With lots of imagination

But no
I have responsibilities now
I have to take exams
And get good grades
Make sure that
When I’m older
I’ll have a good job
And make enough money
So I can take care of myself

I’ll never be careless again