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Future vs Past


      I wanted it to work out

      So badly

      But it didn’t

      And now I could kick myself

      For not trying hard enough

      I tried

      And tried

      And I tried it some more

      But I couldn’t succeed

      And now everything is going to change

      A new environment

      A new beginning

      A new future

      Leaving everything behind

      That I don’t want to leave

      Leaving everyone behind

      That I don’t want to leave

      Because I think the past was

      So much better

      Even though I can’t

      Really know that yet

      But my past has you in it

      So it must be


False Friend

Wy do you laugh at me

When I’m showing

My deepest emotions to you?

Is it funny

To have a broken heart?

Do you like to see me crying?

I thought you were my best friend

I didn’t want to find out

Like this

I was wrong