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Body Issues

I’m going to say it

In one breath

Maybe two

Now I really think about it

But here it is:


I feel like I’m fat

You see,

One day I think

I’m pretty

And I like myself

And yet

In a couple of hours

Or days

Even minutes actually

It can all go away

Because when I look in the mirror

And I start thinking

Maybe I think too much

But you see, then I think

I used to be a lot skinnier

And I think of how I bought

A pair of trousers last year

And it doesn’t fit anymore

Because my ass is too big

And yet


I still like my body

I like who I am

But if you see those models

In the magazines

Don’t you think

Even once

That they’re a lot prettier than you

Or you wish you looked as good as them

Even though you know

There has been worked a lot with photoshop

To get those kind of pictures

And you know that to get such a body

You’d probably have to starve yourself

And it wouldn’t be worth it

But everyone wants to be handsome, right?

Even if you say

You don’t care about how you look

There must be a little thing inside you

That does care?

Or not?

I know I care

But I don’t know if I’m pretty

I know my boyfriend likes how I look

That matters a lot to me

And I know he’d never lie

But, he could be blinded by love

Or something

I think everyone likes to get

Some kind of assuring moment

Where someone tells them

‘Hey, you’re looking good today!’