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Thoughts (some more)

I don’t want my life to be over
When no one even knew I ever existed
I want to be somebody
I want to be good
And kind

I just want to be loved


Please Stay

I look around
And yet I don’t see anything
I keep on staring
In the darkness
Even my dreams
Aren’t safe anymore
Death is always around
I’m afraid
Did I tell you enough
How much I love you?
I don’t understand
Why you have to die
We were going to do
So much together
Celebrate birthday’s
Celebrate New Year
You promised me
We’d dance together
At my wedding
Am I selfish
For wanting you to stay?
I can’t help it
I cry all the time
I can barely sleep
For I keep on staring
Into the darkness
Please stay!
I need you
I Love You


I’m so sorry for what I did
I never meant to hurt you
You were nothing but good to me
And then I do something like that
Something that makes you angry
I only love you
You know
I don’t want anyone else
You’re perfect

Cruelty in Love

I love you so much
So much more
Than you’ll ever know
You’re sweet
And kind
And handsome
You’re the one that I want
You’re the one that I need
And I know you want me
And yet you can’t have me
That’s quite cruel, don’t you think?


When you’ve loved someone
More than you love yourself
Or anyone else
And that person
You love so much
Betrays you
Hurts you so bad
You can’t eat
Or sleep
Would you dare to love
Someone else the same way
Would you dare to trust
Some other guy
And let him in your heart?
Or is all consuming love
Just something that
Can do no good
Something that
Makes you cry

I dare you
You’ve found the way
To my heart
But can you get in entirely?
I dare you
Let me know how much you love me
If I’d leave
Would you beg me to stay?
I dare you
Love me
Like I’m the only one in the world
Who’s perfect for you
I dare you
If I’m your true love
Your one and only
I’ll be yours

Happy Thoughts

I know you’re hurting

But in time

A day will come

When the hurting stops

You’ve forgotten me

It’ll be like

You never met me

And you’ll be happy

That’s what I want

For you to be happy

Without me



Everyone knows
Life is not like a fairytale
Every fairytale
Has a beginning
And an end
But our story
Will never end
Even death
Cannot part us
I will love you
For as long as you and I
Both shall live
And in my heart
You’ll live for ever
In my dreams
We’ll always be together
And if I have to go first
I’ll wait for you
For ever if I’d have to
And together
We’ll live
Happily ever after
Like in a fairytale
And even much better