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When you’ve loved someone
More than you love yourself
Or anyone else
And that person
You love so much
Betrays you
Hurts you so bad
You can’t eat
Or sleep
Would you dare to love
Someone else the same way
Would you dare to trust
Some other guy
And let him in your heart?
Or is all consuming love
Just something that
Can do no good
Something that
Makes you cry

I dare you
You’ve found the way
To my heart
But can you get in entirely?
I dare you
Let me know how much you love me
If I’d leave
Would you beg me to stay?
I dare you
Love me
Like I’m the only one in the world
Who’s perfect for you
I dare you
If I’m your true love
Your one and only
I’ll be yours


To love or not to love?

How could you
Not know
Whether you love me
Or not?
If you’re doubting
That means you don’t
But then you kiss me
With such passion
You look at me
Like I’m the only one for you
Like you don’t want to be
With anybody else
How could it be
That you don’t love me?
Look deep inside your heart
And let me know
I’ll be waiting

A Restless Mind

Restless am I
As I dream of you
All the time
How we’re laughing
In one moment
In the other
And then you fade away
It all fades away

And I wake up in tears
Because I never want you to fade
I never want you to leave
I don’t want us to cry
I want you to be happy
And healthy

But my father says
We have to prepare ourselves
Leave us



The only thing
I can hold on to
Is our memories together
For you’ll stay forever
In my heart


My heart is aching

I hate the word


It ruins lives

It takes people away

I can’t stop crying

I can’t stop thingking

What if everything goes wrong?

What if the medication doesn’t work

Or isn’t effective enough

What if my grandfather dies?



My heart is aching

And I can’t stop crying

Night and day

Lying awake

for I cannot sleep

Can’t stop thinking

For I don’t want to lose



My grandfather



The sweetest person in the world

He promised to get better

To dance with me on my wedding day

One day

When I’d be lucky to get married

I miss him so much

And I don’t want him to be in pain

I don’t want him to be ill at all

I want him to get better


I hate it

If it was a person I’d kill it

For it makes many lives miserable

It ruins the lives of many people

Whose hearts are all aching

Just as mine