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What if

I’m afraid I’ll die in a car crash.

Sometimes late at night
When I’m driving home
After I’ve spent the evening
With my boyfriend
I think about it

What if I’d die right now?

And I scare myself
Because if I’d die
I’d never see my family again
And if I’d die
I’d never see my boyfriend again
And I love all those people so much
That just thinking about it makes me cry
And it makes me afraid
Is it weird to think about such things?
It sounds so depressing
Maybe I think too much





When I’m old

And I die

Will I ever see you again?

All the things I still had to say

I want you to know how much I love you

There are moments when I ask myself

Have I told you enough that I love you?

Or should I have said it more often?

And why didn’t you say you loved me back?

I miss you so much

I hate myself for not passing for my driver’s exam

Because if I had, I could have come to visit you whenever I wanted

I also want you to know, that I did the best I could for school

Maybe not all the time, but certainly towards the end

I also wanted to tell you that I am afraid

Afraid that I won’t be happy when I’ll go back to school

And learn to become a teacher

That I won’t be happy when I go to my job when I grow older

I want you to know that I’m not mad at you

Because of the choice you’ve made

and I’m not mad at you because we won’t dance at my wedding

even though you promised that to me

I know you’ll be there in spirit

You were the best grandfather I could ever have

You always did so much for me

You gave me presents

And you always made me smile

I’m left with nothing but good memories of you

And I will never forget you

I love you so much grandfather

I miss you so much

But I understand why you had to leave us

And I’m really glad I had the time to say goodbye

Even though I didn’t get to say everything I wanted

I Love You



Please Stay

I look around
And yet I don’t see anything
I keep on staring
In the darkness
Even my dreams
Aren’t safe anymore
Death is always around
I’m afraid
Did I tell you enough
How much I love you?
I don’t understand
Why you have to die
We were going to do
So much together
Celebrate birthday’s
Celebrate New Year
You promised me
We’d dance together
At my wedding
Am I selfish
For wanting you to stay?
I can’t help it
I cry all the time
I can barely sleep
For I keep on staring
Into the darkness
Please stay!
I need you
I Love You

How do you ‘prepare’ yourself when you know someone you love is dying?

A Restless Mind

Restless am I
As I dream of you
All the time
How we’re laughing
In one moment
In the other
And then you fade away
It all fades away

And I wake up in tears
Because I never want you to fade
I never want you to leave
I don’t want us to cry
I want you to be happy
And healthy

But my father says
We have to prepare ourselves
Leave us



The only thing
I can hold on to
Is our memories together
For you’ll stay forever
In my heart