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The page is blank
the edges
unspoken of.


Letters forming
words forming
sentences forming
a quiet conversation
between me
and the person I can’t speak to.

And yet there is
a lot to say
before it’s all
too late

But still,
the page is blank
the edges
unspoken of.



A shapeless shape poem

Last year I got the assignment to write a shape poem about ‘Witch Child’ by Celia Rees.

I think the poem turned out great, but the shape… was aweful.
I wanted the poem to look like a wolf, that didn’t turn out well.
My boyfriend told me it looked like a Christmas tree.

So here’s the shape poem without shape:

I’m wandering
Stars are shining
But the thoughts In my mind
Are of the darkest kind

And as winter comes
Leaves fall of trees
But the spirits remain

And as winter comes
Our lives pass
Our bodies will fall
But our spirits remain

And one day
I’m sure of it
We shall meet again

I’m wandering
Stars are shining

And as the thoughts In my mind
Get darker and darker
Death is all around
I have to keep on hiding

So I wander
Until one day
We shall meet again

Queen – Save Me

I always disappoint you
Over and over again
I’m afraid I’ll never make you happy
I’m afraid I only make you cry
It seems like I can’t learn from
All the mistakes I’ve made in the past
Even though I try
Apparently I’m not trying hard enough
I want to make you smile
I want to make you happy
And I want to make you proud

I hope I can
Because I love you so much!
More than you’ll ever know
And I want to be with you for ever

Thoughts (some more)

I don’t want my life to be over
When no one even knew I ever existed
I want to be somebody
I want to be good
And kind

I just want to be loved


I feel like
Even though we live together
I haven’t seen you for a week

I don’t want to die
Without a sign on me
Which says how much
I love you
And you love me


A lot of people (I know) don’t believe in God.

‘Because if God is real, and if he’s loving and caring about us, why would he be so cruel to us and to the world?’

Well if everyone’s life was perfect everyone would be pretty boring don’t you think? The character of a person is partially formed by what this person has been through in his or her life. All those books that people can’t write because there has never happened anything bad to them that they can write about. Bye bye culture!

‘And what about all of those wars then? And terrorism, and things like a tsunami?’

Well if you read the books that exist now about climate change and all those things. You’ll probably find an answer there too.

‘And those people that say that terrible illness is a punishment of God?’

Well that’s just bullshit. Because if it were a punishment you should have done something terribly wrong in God’s eyes. Something unforgivable. And if that were true my grandfather would still be alive. (He died of cancer).

I can’t tell my friends what I think about it because they would attack me with questions and they would probably ridicule me. But this is what I think.
I believe in God. I believe there is a heaven out there, because I want my family that has passed away to be happy there. And when I die, and I go to heaven, I’ll meet them once again.