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Hey everyone,

Overwhelmed is a song I wrote about 2 years ago

And with the help of my boyfriend at that time -who wanted to become a producer-

I recorded it and made a videoclip. It’s about A play I saw called ‘Yvonne’.

She was the only one who didn’t speak an entire word during the whole play, and I wanted to give her a voice.

I also did this as an assignment for drama class, we could do whatever we wanted as long as it was based on one of the plays we saw. I know the text is not that long, but in the song it was with an intermezzo of  the piano 🙂 I hope you like it!


You see

All your mistakes

Come right through me

You see

All your wrongs in me

You and me

Our love wasn’t

Really meant to be

But I have been

So happy

What did I do wrong?

Ocean of emotions

Deep and blue

Secrets are the tears

I cried for you

It was all devotion

All came from my side

But all you did was run and hide

Still you’re on my mind

You know

I hadn’t

Really much to show you

You know

Don’t want to let you go

I really love you