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Promise unfulfilled

Promise unfulfilled
Flawed instead of flawless
Not the perfect dream
It used to be
Yet still not wiser
Swayed by emotions
Day by day
Wanting all the best
For you
Failed delivery



The page is blank
the edges
unspoken of.


Letters forming
words forming
sentences forming
a quiet conversation
between me
and the person I can’t speak to.

And yet there is
a lot to say
before it’s all
too late

But still,
the page is blank
the edges
unspoken of.


3 years of love

Yves and I

Words are missing

For I don’t want to write
something I’ve written before

I could write I love you more
Than when I first met you
I don’t miss all the fun
and excitement we had
At the start
Because it’s even more fun
and exciting right now
Words are missing
To let you know
My love for you
Is never ending
To let you know
I can only see my future
Together with you
Words are missing
To let you truly know
How much these past years
Mean to me
And how I hope
We’ll have many
More years to come
All I can say
Is that I love you
And how I never
Want to let you go

Future vs Past


      I wanted it to work out

      So badly

      But it didn’t

      And now I could kick myself

      For not trying hard enough

      I tried

      And tried

      And I tried it some more

      But I couldn’t succeed

      And now everything is going to change

      A new environment

      A new beginning

      A new future

      Leaving everything behind

      That I don’t want to leave

      Leaving everyone behind

      That I don’t want to leave

      Because I think the past was

      So much better

      Even though I can’t

      Really know that yet

      But my past has you in it

      So it must be


Please Stay

I look around
And yet I don’t see anything
I keep on staring
In the darkness
Even my dreams
Aren’t safe anymore
Death is always around
I’m afraid
Did I tell you enough
How much I love you?
I don’t understand
Why you have to die
We were going to do
So much together
Celebrate birthday’s
Celebrate New Year
You promised me
We’d dance together
At my wedding
Am I selfish
For wanting you to stay?
I can’t help it
I cry all the time
I can barely sleep
For I keep on staring
Into the darkness
Please stay!
I need you
I Love You

Return to me

A kiss goodbye

I watch you

Walk away

I see

How you

Disappear in the crowd

Everything turns

To black

A hopeful feeling


Your return

Waiting for the sun

That’ll rise

And the night

Will fade away

As my blindness

Will fade

When you

Come back to me


I’m wandering


Stars are shining


They are

Little diamonds

In the sky

I wander

I wonder

When did my life

Become so complicated?

It all used to be

So simple

Childlike innocent

Not a single worry

On my mind

And now

I’m afraid

I grew up

And noticed

All the cruel things

That happen in this world

If I could only be a star

In the sky

Shining bright

Like a little diamond

There for everyone to gaze upon

And make them wonder

Maybe this world isn’t such a bad place after all