I’m wandering


Stars are shining


They are

Little diamonds

In the sky

I wander

I wonder

When did my life

Become so complicated?

It all used to be

So simple

Childlike innocent

Not a single worry

On my mind

And now

I’m afraid

I grew up

And noticed

All the cruel things

That happen in this world

If I could only be a star

In the sky

Shining bright

Like a little diamond

There for everyone to gaze upon

And make them wonder

Maybe this world isn’t such a bad place after all


About valerieloveswriting

I'm 20 years old and I love writing poems, songs and stories. I also play the guitar a little. View all posts by valerieloveswriting

One response to “Stars

  • Lalkrishna Varavoor

    i agree you…..
    i often thought the same way. to be a human in this world is never easy. may be it is easy to be some other animals, they may have to struggle, but they don’t know whats going on.
    well, keep writing,
    may be one day you will become a twinkling star in the world of poetry. let you know that you are already a star to amaze me:-)

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