A Reading not to be Laughed at

Sometimes I’m afraid

That when people I know

Read what I write

The’ll laugh at me

That they’ll think I’m ridiculous

Because they know what

Or who

I’m writing about

And they think it’s funny

That I care

And of course

I’m afraid of that

Because it already happened

One time

I don’t ever want it to happen again



Because getting laughed at

By one or two persons

-You care about-

While reading your story

-Which is a tragic one-

To a group of people

Is not fun

Because you try to concentrate

And try not to be mad

Or interrupt yourself

Because if you do

The magic of the story

Will be interrupted

And the other people

Who are listening carefully

Will be released from the spell

Your words have laid upon them

And if you try to continue

It will never be the same

Ever again



So I never let people

That know me well

Read anything that’s mine

They don’t know about this blog either

Because all I want is to be taken seriously

And I don’t like it if the people I care about don’t


About valerieloveswriting

I'm 20 years old and I love writing poems, songs and stories. I also play the guitar a little. View all posts by valerieloveswriting

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