Hey everyone,

Overwhelmed is a song I wrote about 2 years ago

And with the help of my boyfriend at that time -who wanted to become a producer-

I recorded it and made a videoclip. It’s about A play I saw called ‘Yvonne’.

She was the only one who didn’t speak an entire word during the whole play, and I wanted to give her a voice.

I also did this as an assignment for drama class, we could do whatever we wanted as long as it was based on one of the plays we saw. I know the text is not that long, but in the song it was with an intermezzo of  the piano 🙂 I hope you like it!


You see

All your mistakes

Come right through me

You see

All your wrongs in me

You and me

Our love wasn’t

Really meant to be

But I have been

So happy

What did I do wrong?

Ocean of emotions

Deep and blue

Secrets are the tears

I cried for you

It was all devotion

All came from my side

But all you did was run and hide

Still you’re on my mind

You know

I hadn’t

Really much to show you

You know

Don’t want to let you go

I really love you


About valerieloveswriting

I'm 20 years old and I love writing poems, songs and stories. I also play the guitar a little. View all posts by valerieloveswriting

5 responses to “Overwhelmed

  • lalkrishnavaravoor

    keep writing… you have a bright future…

  • valerieloveswriting

    Reblogged this on valerieloveswriting and commented:

    Found the video and added it to my post!

  • 4valentines4words4poetry4you

    congratulations Valerie youve gone from poetry to song writing and singing .well done that is very good song your voice sounds very clear and words are very lovely indeed iam very impressed by it and i wish you every success with it .i to wrote a song the words to it are on myheartsingpoetry.wordpress.com blog its called a song for you i did it as a wedding present to my wife and performed it live after the service last year then she left me in april i have a backing track just didnt get my voice on it yet on my newesgt blog I am the pompey poet there is another song ive written which one day i hope to perform if i can achieve getting another track made for it and maybe go on britains got talent with it called I am the pompey poet i would love to hear what you and your producer boyfriend think of it and whether its worth using on a talent show isnt it strange how we write poetry and now write lyrics becuase poems and rhyme make songs dont they keep up the great work your doing Valerie life working well for you from kevin in portsmouth

    • valerieloveswriting

      Thank you so much! 😀
      I’ll go look at both songs today 🙂
      Oh I’m sorry, but I’m not together with that boyfriend anymore..
      Would you still appreciate what I think about it?
      Yes it is indeed strange, but true 🙂
      I’ll try!

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