New Life

Life is short
So you shouldn’t waste your time
Spend it just the way you want
And be exactly who you want to be
Don’t care about what others say about you
You can’t be anyone else but yourself
Because day by day you’ll grow old
And you never know when it all will end
Spend your precious time with your family and the ones you love
Because you’ll never know
When they’ll all fall away
Like leaves on a tree
When winter comes
The leaves fall down
But the spirits remain
And as our lives will pass
Our bodies will fall
But our spirits will remain
And one day
We’ll meet again
In an eternal life
Long ahead for us
But live your life to the fullest
And hold on to your loved ones
And always remember: one day you shall meet again

About valerieloveswriting

I'm 20 years old and I love writing poems, songs and stories. I also play the guitar a little. View all posts by valerieloveswriting

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