My Poetry

All I can do

Is to write from the heart

But how come

My poetry is all about love?

Or pain

It’s hard to write when I’m happy

And easy to write when I cry

Words just float

Out of my pen

Onto the paper

Because I’m in pain

At that moment

And I just want to forget it

Leave it all behind

So because of that

Do you think I write ill?

Or badly

For the things I write

Are not all that positive

And people like positive things

Don’t they?

So will I have to invent things

Weird things, funny things, fantastic things,…

To get people

To like what I write?

Or do I just have to be me?

And will that be enough?

For you


About valerieloveswriting

I'm 20 years old and I love writing poems, songs and stories. I also play the guitar a little. View all posts by valerieloveswriting

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