Believing (Steve Jobs)

Hey everyone,

This is a text my boyfriend, Yves Meersmans, wrote about Steve Jobs and mailed to ‘’. I was so touched by it I asked him if I could put it on my blog, and here it is:

‘Dear Steve, Dear Tim, Dear Apple,
Today, when I was trying to remember the more happier moments in Steve’s unbelievable life, I suddenly was struck by a crazy, but true thought:
Apple is full of culture, just like Christianity. When the pope would die in Rome, people from all over the world would flock together… to churches, Vatican-city,…
Yesterday, when Steve passed away, millions and millions of Apple-adepts and friends of Steve flocked together at Apple stores and Palo Alto or wherever they could to remember him. To remember a great man, leader and visionary.

Apple is just like Christian believe (or any believe for that matter), it will never, ever, cease to exist. If people think that Apple is shattered because of the loss of Steve Jobs…they need to think different.
Just like Steve always did.

My condolences to Steve’s family, friends and colleagues.

Yves Meersmans’

I hope you are as touched by this as I am. Steve Jobs was a great inspiration, not only to my boyfriend, but to all of us.

He really touched and changed everyone’s life. 


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